Pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome…no one told me

So pregnancy is a different journey for all and I chose to share mine. As a first time mum (stepmum but not having carried a child past the first trimester before) I have found very little information being given to me about what I may expect so I find myself with many a weird and wonderful symptom.

The latest diagnosis is that of pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome. Here’s a name for you expectant mums to google!

There’s a weird story behind this diagnosis for me. I have a history of migraines with aura. Which means my vision goes, my limbs go numb and tingle etc. Well I experienced a tingly nose the other day. Right in the tip it was like my nose went numb. I thought it was a migraine and it turns out it probably was something to do with hormones and completely unrelated to my Carpal tunnel syndrome, but I thought id mention it anyway. If you feel this don’t be alarmed, seek medical advice but don’t panic like I did. Its probably fine and nothing to worry about (still speak to a doctor just in case).

Anyway a few days later I started getting random tingling in my arms. I noticed it sat on the sofa and thought that maybe somehow my arm had gone to sleep. It felt very similar although perhaps a tad more on the numb side. I found it was happening in my middle finger, through to my little finger although everyone’s different. It first started in one arm, then spread to the other. Soon both hands were tingling like mad and it felt really horrible. It made me feel sick too because I associate that feeling with migraines, although with a migraine I get a headache pretty sharpish and its usually only one side. I then started to worry, called 111 for what seems like the millionth time since I got pregnant and was informed I needed to contact the GP in the morning. I did this and after a few tests (it was still tingling) I was diagnosed with pregnancy induced Carpal tunnel syndrome.

It seems to come on at night for me, and as of yet hasn’t been too painful so hopefully it will remain as such. I feel a tad silly at reacting the way I did but then it was scary and I didn’t know, which is the problem most pregnant women feel at some stage. Better to be safe then sorry.

So, the science bit. Well pregnancy can induce carpal tunnel syndrome because of the water retention in the body. Apparently the water can build up in the muscles and cause trapped nerves, in this case my wrist causing the numbness, tingling and weakness in my hands. The nose it turns out is nothing related to this at all and is likely to just be a result of hormones according to my doctor.

So folks if you have these feelings, by all means call for medical advice but also know that you are not the only one. Try not to worry too much but also don’t worry about asking these questions to the medical professionals. If we were told in the first place we wouldn’t have to worry I guess.

ciao for now xxx




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