The curse of the Waremum

Weird pregnancy symptom 101…hair.

Yes folks…being hairy. I don’t just mean a little bit here and there I mean hairy in that I seem to have become part warewolf.

I’ve always been a bit of a hairy woman anyway thanks to my polycystic ovaries, but this is insane. I seem to be shaving every evening and by the next morning I have cactus stubble. Now the hair on my head growing rapidly I don’t mind so much but the hair everywhere else is a bit annoying, well, for a woman it is. Leg hair, arm hair, chest and tummy hair, toe hair not to mention the underarm and other places that I won’t mention on here. It’s thanks again to those hormones but man alive, who knew?

At this point in time I can get to these areas to shave them, god help me when bump gets in the way of my twisting and turning. And god help the nurses when they have to fight through my leg hair to get to my baby as I’m giving birth…

Its annoying really, from the moment you are pregnant the medical world seems far more interested in your body’s bits and pieces…as the pregnancy progresses and they look at your areas more frequently your hair gets longer and longer as you get too big to be able to shave it. Hurrah for the hormones!

I’m just glad I’m blonde really.

Good luck to all the hairy mum’s to be out there…God help us all!

Love waremum xxx


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