Keep calm, its just an internet troll…blog on

Hey all.

Well I have had my first internet trolling experience. I guess when you post online the danger is always getting trolled, particularly if its a personal subject. It was a matter of time really. Oddly it was over facebook, as per usual for trolls they were people that didn’t know me, a group of strangers from America, saying horrible and abusive things. They are never people that know us, because they wouldn’t be able to hide behind the keyboard if so. It was totally unprovoked and uncalled for, as is usual for these cowards. Still it got to me for a grand total of about half an hour.

After that half an hour I came to realise a few things. I spoke to a friend who blogs who has been trolled and got her advise, and spoke to my husband who encouraged me to keep blogging and keep being myself online. I realised that more people are positive about what I have to say than negative, and that it helps more people than it does hinder. So I have chosen to keep blogging. As the trolling occurred over facebook it also alerted me to the fact that facebook messenger means that we can be contacted by anyone, from anywhere, at any time, straight to our phones. Why is this so? If I wanted these people to contact my phone directly id post my telephone number online. So why has facebook messenger decided that its ok for anyone in the world to contact me straight to my phone at any time? Seems slightly odd if you ask me. There used to be an option that only friends could contact you but they have removed this, slightly concerning for those of you with children on facebook.

So what have I done about this? Well ive decided to remove messenger, simply because I was having a lovely day and it could have potentially ruined it for me. The messages woke me up to the fact that any undesirable can contact me at any time. Ive decided I don’t like the idea of this, whether it be a troll or just someone I don’t want to speak to. I don’t mind the idea of people sending me messages, I just don’t like the idea of them coming directly to my phone on my day off, or while I’m at work, or whilst I have a lot going on in my life. If I didn’t mind people contacting me like that then they would have my mobile number.

Other than that Ive done nothing different. It hasn’t had an affect on me because these people don’t know me, they are just cowards behind a keyboard from another continent, who clearly have issues. They probably have nothing better to do than troll others, who in fairness they are probably jealous of. I have a lovely life, a job, a home, a husband and a baby on the way. I also am a good person who wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone so I know that by not replying, reporting them and blocking them I have already proven that I am the better person. I still have facebook, I am still going to blog.

Now I know for a fact because this blog is about trolling it will probably been seen as a challenge by those sat behind a computer fapping away at the idea of upsetting people. That will never change, but now ive delt with it once and got over it pretty sharpish I’m pretty sure I can again and have no concerns about posting this online. I just want to let people know that trolling happens, and what I have learnt from it.

So if you get trolled, ignore it. Report them if you can and block the individual. Remember that they don’t know you from adam and are clearly suffering from severe problems themselves. Just picture a spotty nobody sat behind a computer trying to get a response and fapping away at the thought of upsetting you. Remember how good you are and those that love you and how sad their own lives must be in order for them to seek out others that they don’t know and to bully them from behind a keyboard. Smile, keep calm and blog on!

And if you are a troll…stop and think about the type of person that you are and go and seek some help. Its something you clearly need!




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