Oh my god I want to go to the beach so bad. Don’t ask me why I just do! The sun is out (not unusual lately) its not too warm as of yet and I can just see myself sitting at Barry island with a nice cold ice cream, maybe with the pooch, definitely with the husband. Sadly working responsibilities get in the way which means that it is not mine or hubbys day off so I cant do this. Not fair. Is it possible to get activities cravings when you are pregnant 😛 if so perhaps I can argue that medically…I need to be at the beach because the baby wants me too. No? well worth a shot!

I’m now 10 weeks 4 days, the sickness is wearing off, I still feel it from time to time but its not as bad. I’m still tired but that’s normal, so ive heard. For the most part I’m doing better than I was. Maybe this is the end of the nightmare symptoms of the first trimester? I hope so, a part of me cant help but worry a tad though. Ill feel better when ive had my scan and had everything confirmed to be ok. In a weird way at least the pregnancy symptoms meant that all was going strong. I know right, no pleasing me!

That quick paragraph has not made me forget about the beach…I still want to go. How frustrating. I think I will just have to satisfy myself with a drink in the garden later…I would say a bbq but the mouse like portions of food I’m eating at the moment make it seem pretty pointless in honesty! At least I’m not doing what I normally do this weather and craving a nice cold cider!

C xXx



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