Bun in the oven. Pregnancy silly questions, worries, fears and experiences

Hello all

Well after a lot of fertility treatments I have finally successfully fallen pregnant. I’m approximately 2 months gone so far and had my first midwife appointment today.

Many people wait until 3 months to tell their secret however due to the nature of my work and my need for support of those around me if it doesn’t go as planned we decided to share our news. I have also decided to blog about it in a way of keeping track of my journey and hopefully making a few people giggle along the way.

I’ve been asked some strange things since people found out. One of the most odd things has been do you want a boy or girl. I find it odd how people even ask this question and how some people must have a preference for it to be the most common question asked! My answer is after feeling I’m barren and children were impossible I don’t care if it’s boy, girl, hermaphrodite or whatever! As long as it’s healthy then I’m happy!

Another one, arnt you afraid of giving birth? Genuinely no. I wouldn’t be pregnant if this was an issue and so many women have given birth before me..I’m sure I will survive 😂 let’s just get past 12 weeks and get to that stage first. I think every moment I am cherishing as my biggest fear is it will be taken away. Even the projectile vomiting of morning sickness is a joy in a way for me. I’m pregnant and that’s all that matters.

So how does it feel? Odd really. I feel a tad bloated. Sick most of the time and sometimes am sick. Very very tired. Surprisingly calm and relaxed. Moody and constipated. All part of the miracle of life! I’m told it gets easier after week 12 but for the time being I’m just struggling at keeping working full time (we need to save now). Carrying a baby in the first trimester is surprisingly hard and the worst thing has got to be the lack of sympathy. I’m told it’s the most difficult part of pregnancy as there are the most changes and symptoms to the body. However because you are not showing most seem to think your fine…or making a fuss!

However I have a very supportive husband which helps. He’s currently my drink and food bitch and hunter gathering constantly to satisfy whatever I am craving at the time! Bless him! I love him lots.

My favorite things at the moment are crisps, apple juice and sleep. Lots and lots of sleep!

My projectile vomit excorsist triggering items are; oranges, bin smell, fridge smell, coffee smell, cider smell, the smell of the hoover and tumble dryer when they are on…the list is endless!

I’ll be interested to see if any of this changes over time!

Anyway thanks for reading…more updates to follow

C xxx




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