Boring shiiit

Hi All

Well there’s not a lot of news really on our part. We had a horrible moment a few days ago where we lost Charlie for 9 hours. That was horrific and I did have a couple of meltdowns that day unfortunately. However it was unusual circumstances so I’m not surprised and I don’t feel too knocked back about it. Thankfully he has been found safe and well despite him crossing some very busy main roads! He has a bit of a sore paw but other than that there are no worries and he is back to his old self…as am I.

I am starting to feel a bit of a change of direction is due in my life to break the cycle that I’m in. Without saying too much here I am determined to follow through with my plan (and no my plan is not to actually follow through, that’s gross and only ever done accidently). This has given me a new lease of life over the past week or so and has given me the motivation I need just to hang on a little.

The diets going shite because food is too damned good at the moment, not sure altogether why! I have basically put 1lb on in total since before holiday. Not too bad I guess but this week I need to motivate myself a bit more because I’m slacking big time! I have however started training for the race for life that I am running on the 17th July, so I’m hoping that this helps. It certainly is helping with my anxiety at the minute…in that I’m too shattered to get anxious so I’m just uber uber chilled…

There is one final week before I go on holiday and catch up with some family that I haven’t seen in years due to one reason or another. That will be lovely and I’m really looking forward to it. I desperately need the break also, I’m bloody shattered with the hours I’m putting in. Its a bit mad really.

I did some gardening earlier. No idea why I just felt like it. I shoved a load of orange and yellow flowers all together in a pot and it looks pretty good. Whether they live or not remains to be seen but its worth a shot 😉 I have no idea what I’m doing. Ive also planted some peas and some herbs so hopefully I will soon have pea babies! Exciting times indeed lol!

Not much else really to share about my life. I guess I thought I would just touch base. I don’t want the only time I blog to be when I have difficulties. I want to blog about good things too, or in this case the boring shit that no one cares about 😛

Hey I might get a couple of reads

Hope everyone is enjoying the torrential rain that has taken over great Britain at the moment. Hurrah for british summer!

C xxx


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