Smears and being female

Hi folks.

Well I thought I would blog about this as I have had the dreaded smear test today and it shocks me how some women are scared or refuse to do them. For those that haven’t had one before I want to try and reassure that it’s not as bad as you think. Ok sure it’s not the best feeling in the world and I always get a little bit nervous but the actual procedure itself really isn’t too bad.

Smears are so important to make sure that everything is good down below, and to detect early on if there is something amiss. It’s designed to detect cancer of the cervix before it develops into a cancer. Basically they take a sample of the cells from your cervix and send it off to labs. Sometimes it comes back fine, sometimes there may be abnormalities. The abnormalities don’t mean you will get cancer they just need to be monitored and often change on your body’s own accord.

So how do they get the sample? When I had my first smear I was terrified they would be hacking away at my cervix with a scaple or something…but they do not do this at all! It’s a giant cotton bud basically. Not that terrifying and certainly not painful. For me it just feels like someone’s tickling me and that I need to pee. Not pleasent but certainly nothing to fear or certainly not a good reason not to have one.

The worst part for me is when they open the cervix just because it’s slightly uncomfortable. Not painful but just odd! It certainly doesn’t put me off getting my smear tests! Basically you remove the undies…and lay down with the legs open (not the most dignified). They then put a speculum gently into your vagina to open it slightly. This looks a bit like a duck. Then the cotton bud goes in, a quick swipe, and then your done! Off to go on your merry way. To me it’s not worth the risk of not going for the sake of a 5 minute procedure.

One of the things someone I know has said is that they won’t go because they don’t want people to laugh at their bits or see their bits. I have worked in care for a few years and seen my fair share of male and female bits and tbh I don’t batter an eyelid at any of them. Thing is when you see it all the time as these nurses and doctors do it just becomes the norm. Part of the job. They’re not looking in great detail at your anatomy. They are simply looking for the cervix and that’s that. So why be worried? I’m always surprised at how quick it is.

Unfortunately everyone in life needs to have their bits checked at some stage it’s just one of life’s things. If you remember this and think about how many times the nurses and doctors have done this then you will see there is really no reason to fear or be embarrassed! It’s life!

You only get one life take care of it

C xxx




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