10 things I’ve learnt on holiday

Hello all.

Well my week of annual leave is now over and I’m back to work tomorrow. Sometimes taking a step back can make you look at things a bit different. In a positive move forward I’ve decided to share with you the lessons I have learnt in the past week. Hopefully I can read back on this when things get a bit tricky and remind myself of these lessons. Or maybe just raise a smile from someone over the rediculous nature of some of them!

  1. I need to work less – I have done a lot of hours recently. I didnt realise how tired I was until I stopped!
  2. My husband loves geology and fossils…who knew! I’ve converted him to it! Just another reason to love him as he dug out some amazing finds!
  3. It’s OK to have afternoon naps if you want!
  4. Trying new things is always worth doing…I discovered charcoal cheddar by trying something new. It really is very nice, even if it does turn your poo green! I also like olives now.
  5. Caravans are far far better than tents, epically during the midnight wee.
  6. I need to take more time out with my husband, even if it is just sitting inside in the rain or going for a stroll.
  7. I don’t need to spend money to have fun.
  8. The silliest things can be funny and make you laugh until you cry! Remember to laugh at the silly things. It makes you feel better.
  9. I am loved, more than I realise.
  10. You don’t have to travel far to see real beauty. Good company and looking at the positives may be all you need to find the beauty in your life. If in doubt go away from it all!

Daft and silly little lessons learnt but they say we learn something new every day. This is my weeks worth!

Thankyou to my gorgeous husband for such a wonderful time away! I have really enjoyed it!


Love to you all

C xxx




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