Fossils sea and some sun

For some reason this didn’t post earlier but here we are:

Hello all.

Myself and hubby have just got back from a week in Charmouth. For those of you who don’t know it’s in Dorset along the jurassic coast.

I love it down there. It’s touristy but not tacky. Even in peak season it’s not rammed which is great for my anxiety. Means I can relax more. This time of year it was vertually dead but I loved it! I can’t stand crowds and places that are too busy, it sets me on edge.

This time we booked a static caravan in a lovely site. We normally camp but this time of year we couldn’t be sure of the weather. The caravan was lovely! Gave us a nice place to chill!

We spent a lot of time fossil hunting. I used to study geology at uni and worked in the field for a while. I will never not enjoy fossil hunting! I taught my husband how to look and we came up with some fab finds! One of the many reasons why I love I in charmouth!


I also made some cheeky purchases of particularly nice fossils (spinosaur tooth and fossil fish being among them) which I am chuffed with.

It was lovely to spend some quality time with my husband. We work so hard and sometimes we don’t get a lot of time together. We both work in care and are a bit like ships that pass in the night sometimes. We enjoyed each others company and the peace and quiet! One day we went down beer quarry and caves. That was fab fun! We looked daft though in our hard hats!

All in all it was lovely to get away from the stress of home for a short while. If anyone is stuck for a place to holiday I would suggest charmouth! It’s the best

C xxx




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