Happy 2016

Hello all, apologies for the time its been since my last post. A lot has been happening in my personal life for me, but I hope that you have all had an excellent festive period and new year.

The whole new year new me has been taken to a whole other level this year. I have finally allowed myself to let go of things that were holding me back for the past 12 months which has been a huge relief. I have been able to come to terms and prioritise my emotions and thankfully on the whole I appear to be doing rather well. Recently I was faced with a very difficult “encounter” shall we say with some people (not with aliens lol) who have managed to have a bit of a hold over me in the past. Thankfully I managed to deal with this well and it hasn’t set me back too far which, for me shows a massive amount of progress.

We have also had a few unpredictable changes, one of which is resulting in me relocating with work to another area. Without going into too much detail as I don’t wish to share information about my working life, this is a difficult move, but I am hoping that it will be a good one. I am hoping it will ease some of our stresses in our own lives and allow us to progress a little more. Basically I’m trying any which way to look at it in a positive way, despite being a little emotional about the whole thing! That alone is a big improvement for me and shows progress regarding the black dogs.

I am on the whole relatively positive at the moment, and am really feeling excited about the near future…that’s if nothing else goes wrong! The fact that I am more open to the concept of change again shows a great deal of progress from my part. I have had my moments where my anxiety has reared its head a little but thanks to the help of those around me those moments are appearing to be fewer and further between. Fingers crossed that this year is more remarkable than the last.

C xXx



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