Keep calm and blog on

(One that I typed out months ago but saved to drafts…Support to fellow bloggers who have been criticised for what they do)

Its been a couple of days since my last post. Not a lot has happened to me personally to report. Ive spent much of my time chilling, mainly due to feeling so exhausted lately, but another reason is because i have been wondering how to approach a certain situation.

I was introduced to blogging by some friends of mine. I admired their courage to blog about their invisible illnesses, and i still do. However one of them sadly has recieved some criticism/negativity concerning one of their posts. They feel upset by this, and it has clearly messed them around emotionally.

As a result of this i feel i need to define what we are attempting to do here. Blogging is not a cry for attention. It is not for us to be critisised. It is not to slag people off or name and shame.

Blogging is a way of communicating how we feel. Its an outlet for every emotion, and a way of being honest with ourseleves. It allows us to take the pressure off our loved ones, and gives us the opportunity to offload and carry on without feeling like we have the weight of our emotions holding us down. We dont ask for you to read them. We dont need you to. All we want to do is talk, and educate if possible.

All in all its hard to blog. We are telling complete strangers about our emotions, of all things. However we do not go into the ins and outs or name and shame others. We are aware that we are publishing online and keep finer details to a minimum. This is what my friend did. Sadly someone decided to turn the positive into a negative and to use it as a personal attack.

When people then use our blogsĀ as a personal attack this very much defines them as people. With that in mind i ask you all to double think before commenting. I ask you to consider how hard it is to post on such aspects of our lives. It takes courage and personal strength.

I hope my friend continues to blog. Not for others but for herself. To all those out there who feel nervous about blogging, and to my dear friend – do what you have to do, and do what you need to. Dont worry about what people may think. If its helping you to get better, raise awareness or achieve any other personal goal then:

Keep calm and blog on!

And to our readers, please show your support rather then your judgements of us as people. We dont put it all on here.

C xxx


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