MRI scans, Black friday and Christmas

Hello all readers. I am aware of how long it has been since my last blog. I have had quite a few autumnal illnesses recently so in my free time I have been mostly trying to rest. Still I shall update you on the last couple of weeks.

I have been suffering from some worrying symptoms for me which have been ongoing for quite some time. I recently had an MRI to check for the worst possible causes for these symptoms, and thankfully those worst case scenarios have been eliminated. In response to these symptoms myself and my doctor have decided to reduce the anxiety medication that I am on. Depending on the outcome of how that affects me we can then work out if what diagnosis I may have, and then work towards a way of managing it. We are pretty sure about what condition it may be, however I don’t wish to share it on here before finding out for sure.

So yeah, I’m off the anti depressants and haven’t had any relapses which is great. I have spent a week on a reduced dose of the anti anxiety medication. I have to say I don’t feel out of control or had any serious complications as a result, other than the fact that I don’t sleep quite as well at night. Time will tell over the next few weeks how things go but on the whole to me it feels positive, and I’m on the way to getting some answers which is great. Who knows maybe in the new year I will be able to come off all medication and start a time where I am able to manage my dogs on my own. I am very excited about this prospect!

Health and winter bugs aside not a lot has happened really. I am currently sat at home with sinusitis, a result of another winter bug. However I am quite relieved about this. I am not much of a shopper, in fact I loath shopping. Unusual for a woman, but then again I am quite unusual so no surprises there. To me I think the worst thing about shopping are the crowds of people. I am quite a small person too, so it always makes me feel a bit claustrophobic when I’m surrounded by lots of people, and 9 times out of 10 I am the one elbowed out the way. To me the fact that today is black friday really is a perfect excuse to stay at home and avoid the chaos and crowds.

One thing I have never understood is the commercial side to Christmas. I have done our Christmas shopping already this year to try and avoid the Christmas crowds. I do love the spirit of goodwill and some of the Christmas traditions. My house will be decorated like santas grotto, and I will go shopping for nice posh food etc etc. However I don’t understand the pressure on people today to try and buy lots of gifts and spend lots of money. Some people even get in debt for Christmas…I mean why? Surely the most important thing is sharing it with your loved ones, not worrying about what to buy them and overspending. Or perhaps that’s just my view and I’m not particularly generous.

Myself and my husband sat talking about what we wanted for Christmas this year, and really couldn’t come up with anything that either of us wanted or needed. Therefore we have decided to save our pennies and put it towards something we will want later on, like a holiday or something. To us the most important thing is having our Christmas with my stepdaughter, eating way too much and chillaxing with some wine or a snowball. Ahhh now that sounds wonderful! Its the sort of day money can’t buy really. To me that’s what its all about.

So I’m sorry Black Friday, I won’t be joining in this year, just like I didn’t last year, and probably won’t in the future. I am just going to sit at home, feeling safe and happy in the warm. Happy in the knowledge that all of my gifts have been bought and wrapped. Wow…go me! I am super organised!

Much loves

Organised and full of snot…C xXx






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