Calling all sufferers of SAD, and those who have never heard of it

Today for me has been a bit of a struggle. I do find that on occasion my energy levels are next to none and I ache all over. In essence it does feel like flu like symptoms in that respect. I get so tired that moving is a massive effort, let alone socialising or trying to work. This in turn can have a negative impact on my mood, and it makes me feel like everything is a struggle. For me this is something I find difficult to deal with. I have always been a person with a bit too much energy to be normal. The friend you have to warn others about, you know, the one who appears to be high on sugar most of the time. Lately this part of me has been taking more of a back seat on a more regular basis and I hate that. The reasons for this to me are currently unknown and are being looked into but the point is whatever the cause, this symptom sucks for me.

I have got to thinking though, or rather musing, in the bath after work. I often get a bit more “blue” in the colder months of the year. Autumn isn’t so bad at times as Christmas decorations and seasonal goodwill tends to be a bit of a pick me up for me. Winter sucks because you are just waiting for the spring. But in both cases I do find that I am a bit more sluggish and prone to black dog visitations. I am aware of a condition called SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder whereby the darker days and months can impact negatively on a persons mood/wellbeing. I have never sought a diagnosis for this, as it has never been a major issue for me. I do wonder though if SAD is more common that we think.

Today is a classic example. Its been rainy, dull and dark. I have felt particularly sluggish and have needed to put a bit of extra effort in to go about my daily life. I also know a few close friends who have struggled today and a part of me wonders how reliant humans are on the weather in that respect. I am in no way suggesting that I have SAD or that my friends do either. But I am wondering how many of you out there tend to feel that your mood can be affected by the time of year and the weather? I’m wondering if it affects anyone else’s energy levels or frame of mind? It is something that I can’t help but feel affects everyone in some way or another. I find it quite interesting the fact that mankind with all of our technology and everything we have created can still be affected by mother nature. In a way its quite humbling, but depending on the level that some people are affected it is also quite debilitating.

The fact that we can all feel a bit “down” during these months and bad weather may also lead to a bit of negativity towards sufferers of SAD. In the same way that people suggest that “depression” is just feeling a bit down for a few days, or that anxiety is just a bit of stress and heavy breathing on occasion. Do people view SAD as just the “winter blues” when in reality it is a whole lot more than that? I have to say I do believe this may be the case. If someone has not had an II it is difficult to understand how it can feel at times and in a way this is understandable. People can’t be expected to know if its something we talk so little about.

If this is the case, then how do we raise some awareness? It is easy to type SAD into google and come up with a  list of symptoms. However this varies from person to person and doesn’t really get into the nitty gritty. I am wondering if there are any people out there that can related to this post, and if they would feel comfortable sharing their experiences with others? Either with their own blog or anonymously through mine should they so wish. I would also be interested in what techniques suffers use to manage SAD and how they went about a diagnosis? With the viewpoint of increasing understanding and increase a bit of support for others that may be struggling.

For myself personally apart from having early nights and sleeping as much as I can I am at a bit of a loss with what to do about my fluctuating energy levels. I am currently changing my level of activity and trying to space tasks out as much as possible. I am also trying to eat a more healthy and structured diet, as I have gained some weight since my wedding day. I will keep you updated as to if this works for me or not but other than that its just a case of looking into my symptoms and waiting for a possible diagnosis for the cause of them. In my mind though at least something is being done about it, and its finally being taken seriously. For me that is a big positive and can only be a good thing.

Well its getting late and its time for me to go to bed. I thankyou all again for reading.

C xXx


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