Thanks to my readers

When people suggested to me that I start blogging about my IIlnesses, I was very sceptical. I worried that everyone would look at me and consider me as different, or a bit of a weirdo. I have managed to pride myself in being able to hide my dogs over the years, for fear that I would be deemed insane by all and sent to the loony bin if anyone found out. However I must say that I have received a great lot of comfort in the fact that these blogs and insights into my personal battles have helped others with their own journeys. Since starting this blog I have received lots of private messages, and had lots of chats with people that have undergone similar experiences but have been afraid to speak out or confide in someone. I am so thankful to receive these responses and to be able to help people that feel isolated and alone in their experiences. It has helped me on my journey to blog about it as I feel a big weight is lifted from me when I do, but also I have found positivity in the fact that I am not alone myself. I feel better knowing there are other people out there that read what I write and feel the exact same way. I also feel amazing that I am able to help people with their personal journeys, and offer them someone to talk to.

There are aspects of my life where I need to continue to hide my illnesses, at work for example. This is something I am used to doing and have done for many years. However it is a great comfort to know that my blog has been received with so much understanding and positivity. I guess what I really want to say is thankyou. Thankyou for your words of encouragement. Thankyou to fellow sufferers for opening up to me and feeling that you can talk about it with someone. Thankyou everyone for your kind words of support. You are helping me, you are helping yourselves, and by reading and sharing this blog you are raising awareness about invisible illnesses. Thankyou for being willing to learn about my personal battle with depression and anxiety. After so many years of feeling like there were few that understand me, it is quite refreshing to know that people genuinely care about how I feel and what I have to say.

That’s it really, I just wanted to offer my thanks and appreciation for all my readers. It really does mean a lot and it has helped turn my negatives into something a bit more positive. This makes it easier to live with my two dogs, and easier to continue my journey.

Love to all

C xXx


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