I’m feeling better, I’m lazy and oven cleaning is shit…

So today is my first day off for a while. The hubby has been at work since 3 so we had a nice morning together. I’m happy to report I do feel a tad better after the other day, but my mood is still a little bit up and down. Its a little understandable considering my body is getting used to the disappearance of one of my medications, but it is zapping me a bit.

I don’t so much feel sad, but its taking me a lot more energy to do things at the minute, I guess because so much of my energy is going on working to get myself better. I don’t think my chest infection is helping. I feel a bit like I just can’t be bothered and that everything is extra effort, but more so than usual. It probably doesn’t help that some of my energy is going on cleaning my oven, and trimming my dogs claws…when did life get so damn boring?

Well I’ve talked to myself (in my head not out loud lol) into going into town…but I didn’t have much enthusiasm for that. So then I tried talking myself into taking the dog for a walk. This I did but again wasn’t too enthused…perhaps because the weathers a bit cack…that don’t help. All I would seem to be happy doing today is nothing at all…its just one of those whatever I suggest to myself its going to be a shit idea and require effort and I can’t be bothered. I’ve managed to muster the enthusiasm to spray oven cleaner on the cooker…that’s as far as I have got, but hey if my brains decided I’m going to have an awkward day of being lazy I can at least do something useful. I am also going to try and cook some food a little later, a nice homemade vegetable soup, in the hope that it will get some vitamins into us and that I may have a little bit more energy.

I did not expect the next couple of weeks to be easy, they will probably be a bit uppy downy…but thankfully I don’t think I’m relapsing into what I was before. Thankfully my depression dog seems to be at bay, now all I have to do is make sure of that, and then start giving my anxiety dog a bit less attention. I haven’t felt anxious really which is a positive sign, but time will tell.

I’ve just had a re-read of this particular blog post and realised its a whole lotta words about a whole lotta nothing…

In summary: I’m feeling better, but I’m lazy, oven cleaning is shit…I think that just about sums it up!

I’m going to return to my laziness, and I hope everyone’s day is more…interesting than mine.

C on the sofa with Charliedog xXx


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