birthday blues

So after a positive post last time…I’m sad to say that today has ended on a bit of a low for me.

I started watching a childhood favorite when I got home before my husband gets home and suddenly I feel very sad. I realise that my birthday is coming soon, and for the second time in my 27 years, I will be without my family on it. By that I don’t mean my husband, but I mean the rest of them. This has made me feel very sad and I’ve shed a couple of tears this evening.

I won’t go into the ins and outs as to why they are not there. All I will say I’d,  dispite all that’s gone on, and how hurt I am, I still feel sad at times. Its funny how no matter how much someone hurts you, sometimes you still miss them. The human mind and emotions are very strange at times, and goddamn unfair. I also hope this is not the start of a relapse and me needing to go back on the meds I was so proud of leaving behind! Time will tell. For now Im going to have a bath and try and cheer myself up!

Roll on hubby’s home time…I’m gonna need a cuddle!


C xxx


Published by: Me, husband, bump and dog

I started blogging initially to raise awareness for invisible illnesses. Now I also blog to share my experiences with my first pregnancy, conception difficulties and my journey in a hope to raise a smile and to inform!

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