Why is not important…

Well, today has been interesting. I went to the doctors for a full MOT, or pretty much every single blood test they can run. That meant fasting, which for those of you that know me know its a difficult task! it took half an hour to get enough blood (i have very small veins) but they managed it in the end. Hopefully this will shed some light on why I feel like I do, which is something I am really hoping for. oh and in case anyones wondering I didnt embaress myself by fainting like the last time ;P

Other then that its a same old sort of day. I’m off, which means im stupidly tired and in and out of sleep, dispite having 9 hours kip last night. My dogs happily chasing bugs in the garden. My husband is relaxing, and occasionally waiting on me. I’m just watching it all go on…and napping…like a sloth. (Maybe thats whats wrong with me? I’m evolving into a big hairy sloth…i hope you can all take a moment to imagine a sloth…with my glasses on…how weird?!)

I  am at the stage now where i will try anything to give me energy. I want to go out and prat around but the way im feeling, i have no chance, its really quite depressing. However earlier today we spoke to a friend of ours who does spiritual healing, and who kindly gave me some healing crystals, in the hope that they will bring me some energy. Recently I bought a Pendulum, mainly just to test it out, with the idea that it wouldn’t work at all. Spookily enough it does seem to work, and also is quite relaxing. I am told its quite good for learning and understanding my intuition, which stops me chasing my anxiety so much.

Yes, my little pendulum has made me less sceptical and with this in mind i am carrying my little healing crystals in my pocket. I don’t know if its a placebo effect, the fact it was an act of kindness or if it is vibrations within them/something spiritual, but i do feel better having them there! My energy is still pretty low but I feel much more settled in myself, and that can only be a good thing.

Now I’m not saying you all should get pendulums and crystals and share my veiws. What I am saying is it appears to be working for me and i am happy that they are. And at this point if it works i dont want to question why. After all, why isnt always important.

I guess what im trying to say to anyone reading this is if you find something that works, you dont need to ask why. I know some people would find the things that are helping me a bit too abstract to understand, and thats fine by me. I dont do it for them. No matter how or why these things are working, the important thing is that they are.


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