Me, myself and the black dog

Hello all

I have decided to write a blog after frequent prompts from friends and loved ones. So here comes the awkward first post where I introduce myself and my reasons for potentially boring every last one of you and opening up online.

First an introduction. I am female, living in the uk. I am in my 20s and married to a wonderful man who is my best friend and rock. Outwardly I appear relatively “normal”. However I, like millions of other people, suffer from an invisible illness. I have an ongoing battle with anxiety and depression. This is sounding like a sinister dating page…

So why express it on here? Well, there are several reasons. One being that it allows me another outlet for expressing how I feel, other then my close friends. I sometimes feel a burden and am afraid of expressing how I feel. I dont want to be THAT person who talks constantly about their problems, giving others no choice but to listen. People can choose whether to read this or not, but it offers me a faceless outlet without feeling guilt.

Another reason is to raise some awareness for these and other invisible illnesses. Even though i am lucky to have people in my life that care, sometimes i can still feel alone. Some of you may be silent sufferers to afraid to speak out or talk. Im hoping this will help those of you with invisible illnesses to know that you are not alone. I also want to share my coping strategies and techniques in the hope that they may help others.

But, i dont want this blog to be doom and gloom. I want to make people smile. I want to also share my good days as well as my bad. (Yes we have good days too! We are still people) I want to show you that invisible illnesses do not define you and there is hope. I want to show an honest story and journey, and in some small way, break the stigma of mental health. 

So welcome to my story. I hope you stick around!

Love C xxx


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